Integrating Buddha’s teachings in daily life with Phillip Moffitt


Integrating the Buddha’s teachings in daily life with Phillip Moffitt

“To meet hatred & loss with love is the most difficult practice imaginable. Yet what is the purpose of a practice if you are not going to use it in life’s difficult moments?”

– Phillip Moffitt


In Buddhism, the word Dharma, or Dhamma, means ‘truth.’ It also refers to the teachings of the Buddha and the spiritual insights attained by practicing meditation. I teach a form of meditation called ‘mindfulness,’ which comes from the Theravada Buddhist tradition of Vipassana, or ‘insight,’ meditation. Over the past 20 years, I have taught meditation classes and retreats at Buddhist centers around the country and at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, where I am a member of the Teacher Council. In all my teachings, I offer guidance for living the Dharma in daily life.



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“The great benefit of practicing mindfulness is presence of mind within a storm of emotions.”
– Phillip Moffitt

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    The Ease of Letting Go @ Big Bear Retreat Center
    May 21 @ 2:00 pm – May 25 @ 3:00 pm

    With Celeste Young and Phillip Moffitt

    Join us in the beautiful San Bernardino mountains for this short insight retreat to refresh the mind and inspire the heart. In this retreat, we will focus on the Buddha’s teaching of non-clinging. The more we practice letting go, compassion, wisdom, and insight begin to blossom. We will strengthen our capacity for continuity of mindfulness and connection with ourselves and each other, while enjoying nature and quiet rest within this secluded setting.

    The structure of an Insight meditation retreat includes time for sitting meditation, walking meditation, rest, mindful eating, and Dharma talks to deepen your embodied understanding along with instructions and guidance, and short practice discussion meetings with the teachers to support you within the container of a silent retreat.

    Insight, Awareness, and the Nine Bodies of Consciousness @ Spirit Rock Meditation Center
    Jun 7 @ 2:30 pm – Jun 14 @ 11:00 am

    with Dana DePalma, Phillip Moffitt, Tuere Sala, Alex Haley, Ying Chen

    This retreat offers a new style of Insight Meditation that employs the “Nine Bodies of Consciousness” map. The focus of this practice is on developing mindfulness of the felt sense of embodied experience. Accessing the felt sense allows you to directly experience the various capacities of consciousness, including intuitive awareness. This method of practice fosters the natural arising of insight.

    This distinct teaching style will be unfamiliar to first-time “Nine Bodies Insight” practitioners, and the primary teaching method is two daily, detailed 45-60 minute guided meditations. Potential participants are strongly encouraged to listen to guided meditations ahead of time to experience this style of practice. Guided meditations from last year’s retreat can be found here.

    This retreat will be held in noble silence except for the guided meditations, talks, and teacher-led practice support meetings. This retreat is not recommended for those experiencing acute grief or other strong mental or emotional challenges.

    Register: https://calendar.spiritrock.org/events/insight-awareness-and-the-nine-bodies-of-consciousness-334r24/

    Online: Opening to Inner and Outer Change: A Life Balance Workshop @ Spirit Rock Meditation Center
    Jun 28 – Jun 30 all-day

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