Phillip Moffitt with Michael Stone, Radio Interview, KVMR

Michael Stone, host of “Conversations” on KVMR, talks to Phillip about “Emotional Chaos to Clarity,” the emotional storm caused by an untrained mind, and the reactive vs the responsive mind.

Emotional chaos is the result of your mind’s reaction to your experience. The reactive mind is like a puppet on a string being pulled first one way then another by its perception of how things are going. When it likes what is happening or might happen, it is automatically pulled toward wanting to keep what it perceives as pleasant; when it dislikes what has happened or may happen, it pushes away the unpleasantness.

The opposite of a reactive mind is a responsive mind. Your responsive mind knows what you are about. It allows you to stay grounded in your deepest values even in the face of life’s uncertainty. As a result, you gain new insights into your experience, which greatly enhances your ability to tolerate difficult situations and to make wiser decisions.

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